I spent my teen years idolizing Madonna (rightly so), the person I’m closest to is someone I’ve known for over 25 years and rainy days truly warm my soul.

My photographic inspiration comes from the everyday family snapshots taken in the mid-twentieth century. A way to describe my creative thought process and technique would be calculated lo-fi. Some of my favorite shots are the ones that occur in between — and in the elements generally considered imperfect.

“It’s not just a lens you look into. It’s an opening, a doorway that you pass through and when you do you may be whatever or whomever you choose to be – a lover, a killer, son, animal or knight-templar. You may seduce, terrify, amaze, mystify or cast a spell. All you have to do is dance for it and the camera will reflect your persona to the world.” -Gloria Stavers


  • CANDY Magazine Issue 12, January 2019, Jackie Shane – Photo Art, Introduction & Interview




Gallery Shows:

  • The Harvey Milk Photo Center Exhibit, June, 2015